Legal assistant

Maria Brightman graduated from Dalhousie University, located in Nova Scotia, Canada with a dual degree in Environment, Sustainability & Society, and International Development Studies with Honors. Her ultimate goal with these two degrees was to work in the legal field and use her academic and professional abilities to leave a positive impact on the world. She has had support, encouragement, and help to get where she is today, and is determined to do the same for others. The combination of her academic experience and her Spanish speaking abilities opens many doors for her to be able to accomplish her goals of pursuing a career and living a life that is fulfilling and benevolent, which coincided perfectly with the work Raburn & Kaufman does. Maria comes to us from California, but she has considered many places her home throughout her life. She was born in Colombia, raised in California, did a youth exchange during high school to Brazil, went to university in Canada, lived in Mexico for two years, and has made her home most recently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Hobbies and interests:
In her spare time, Maria enjoys hiking with her two dogs, horseback riding, exploring the city and nearby towns, enjoying the sand and sun at different beaches, spending time with loved ones, and reading. Maria also considers herself to be a Hodophile, or one who loves to travel, and will take any opportunity to do so in a heartbeat.