Have You Found an Error on Your Equifax Credit Report?

As one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies, Equifax screens and reports on customers’ credit usage. These reports are essential to job hunting, background checks, and applying for loans. But what happens if there is a mistake on your Equifax credit report? Several common errors may affect your credit report. If you share a joint account with someone who has passed away, you may be mistakenly marked as deceased in your credit file. If you have been a victim of identity theft, you may have fraudulent accounts that appear on your credit report. When these issues arise, you may want to seek an attorney to help with an Equifax credit reporting issue.

If you are thinking you are having an Equifax credit reporting issue, you should first seek legal help to see if you have a valid claim.

If there is an error on your Equifax Report, this could lead to drastic consequences such as credit card closures, mortgage denials or losing out on your dream job. Credit bureaus and any businesses that access your report must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations. The purpose of the FCRA is to protect consumers and their sensitive information.

Schedule a free consultation with experienced attorneys at Raburn Kaufman LLC for advice on an Equifax credit reporting issue. We are prepared to review all your potential claims with you and determine if you have a viable lawsuit. We can help you understand the legal complexities of your claims and how to best approach resolving these credit reporting errors through litigation. You may even be entitled to compensation from Equifax.

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Common Credit Report Errors

Possible errors on your Equifax report could include:

  • Displaying accounts that are not yours.
  • Showing information or accounts from a family member on your credit report.
  • Reporting an account with a balance that has been paid in full or by settlement.
  • Displaying an incorrect balance on an open or closed account.
  • Displaying accounts that were created by identity theft.
  • Reporting you as deceased (seriously, as dead) when you are alive and reading our website.
  • Listing a debt that you never owed or insurance covered.
  • Reporting improper payment history on an account.
  • Collection accounts showing up from debts you never owed.
  • Accounts that have been negative for more than seven and a half years.
  • Accounts discharged by bankruptcy still showing a balance on your credit report.

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If you are seeking legal assistance with an Equifax credit reporting issue and are searching for a consumer lawyer, the experienced team at Raburn Kaufman LLC can guide you in pursuing FCRA violations. We have settled over 500 FCRA claims since 2017. A credit reporting inaccuracy can affect your financial and professional well-being. Let us offer guidance on your legal options and fight for you to get you the compensation you deserve for others credit reporting mistakes.

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