Our attorneys have nearly 25 years of combined experience helping consumers like you.

Our firm represents clients from all over the United States and across all incomes and backgrounds.

Outside of one’s family, health, and close relationships, there is nothing that affects our daily lives more than our finances and credit situation. Our Mission is to guide our clients to a positive outcome in court that improves their financial and credit situations and, in turn, leads to better and happier lives for them and their families.

Success Stories


File Mixing Case – Texas Client

A former client from Texas retained our attorneys after a judgment that did not belong to them began appearing on their credit report. After reviewing the client’s credit information, it became clear that the judgment actually belonged to the client’s father, meaning the client’s credit file had been mixed with their father’s. After filing suit, our attorneys were able to recover a $70,000 settlement for the client, and as always, the client paid nothing out of pocket.

Success Stories


Stolen Identity Case – South Carolina Client

Our firm successfully represented a South Carolina client when a family member stole their identity and used their information to open several fraudulent accounts, causing the client to receive multiple credit denials and to suffer severe emotional distress. Our attorneys filed suit in federal court and were ultimately able to negotiate a six-figure settlement and removal of the negative accounts.

Success Stories


Stolen Identity Case – Georgia Client

Raburn Kaufman previously represented a client from Georgia whose family member opened dozens of fraudulent accounts in their name. This client suffered from severe emotional distress as a result of the identity theft and was denied multiple auto loans and apartments due to the fraudulent accounts. By seeking representation from us, this client was able to recover over $500,000 in cumulative settlements, as well as account removal, allowing them a fresh start in life.

Success Stories


Inaccurate Reporting Case – California Client

A California client’s credit was ruined by a credit reporting agency who reported a past-due status on an account that had been paid off and was current. With our guidance and representation, this client was able to receive a six-figure settlement.

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