Did you know some credit reporting agencies actually specialize in providing credit reports about a specific type of information to only certain types of creditors? For example, some of these credit reporting agencies provide reports to creditors that accept checks as payment. Others may report information related to a consumers’ checking account applications, including account openings and closures. These highly-specific reports are intended to assist retailers and other entities lower the risk of fraud and other issues. Have you noticed accounts appearing on your credit reports that do not belong to you? You may be the victim of identity theft. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

  • Certegy Payment Solutions, LLC

    Retailers and gaming establishments that take checks as payment can use Certegy Payment Solutions, LLC’s check and ACH verification services, which also gather check writing histories.

  • TeleCheck Services, Inc

    By providing check writing and other checking account-related information, TeleCheck Services, Inc. helps retailers, financial institutions, and other businesses lower the risks of fraud and other issues related to accepting payments and opening accounts. 

    Fiserv Inc. wholly owns TeleCheck as a subsidiary.

  • CrossCheck, Inc.

    Check verification and guarantee services are primarily provided by CrossCheck, Inc. to the automotive sales and repair, building supply, home improvement, retail, dental, and veterinary industries.

  • ChexSystems, Inc.

    The main clientele for ChexSystems, Inc.’s account verification services are financial institutions. These services gather and disseminate information about checking account applications, openings, and closures, along with the causes behind account closures.

  • Global Payments Check Services LLC

    Check screening and verification services are offered to a variety of consumer-facing industries by Global Payments Check Services LLC.

  • Early Warning Services, LLC

    Early Warning Services, LLC helps banks, check acceptance businesses, retail stores, payment processors, and other financial organizations identify and stop fraud related to bank accounts and transactions. Bank of America, Truist, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo are among the co-owners of Early Warning.